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The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions

Tools & Editors


TypeSearch Searches @types packages from npm
TypeLITE Generate TypeScript interfaces from .NET classes


typescript-compile Automatically compile TypeScript to JavaScript on the fly
typescript-require Require extension for easy TypeScript interop within Node.JS
typescript-rails An asset pipeline wrapper
play2-typescript TypeScript assets handling for Play 2.0
typescript-interpret Interpret TypeScript using the Console/Terminal Emulator in JavaScript
grunt-ts Grunt.js plugin for TypeScript build workflow.
grunt-typescript Grunt.js plugin to compile TypeScript as part of your automated build process


TSLint Linter for the TypeScript language.

Cloud support

IDE with TypeScript Support

IDE Tools

CATS Code Assistant for TypeScript
typescript-tools CLI access to TypeScript language services; Vim plugin
atom-typescript TypeScript support for Atom editor
brackets-typescript TypeScript support for Brackets editor
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